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Numenera Character Options
Publisher: Monte Cook Games
by Josh J. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 11/28/2014 12:44:23

Great source of new options for your PCs. I bought it largely so my group had more class options when leveling up. Nanos get a lot of buffs. Glaives get a few abilities to round them out. And Jacks get a lot of love with stuff that makes them more unique to play. And that's not to mention the new descriptors and foci that add a lot of cool options.

If looking for a negative point to make I'd say the new races don't inspire me a ton (so far my favorite has been Artificially Intelligent from the Tech Compendium) and a few of the foci are limited to a themed campaign (like the ones focused on fighting automatons and mutants or the various underwater/sea-based descriptors). But then again maybe for another player those would be just what they want and there's more than enough here to satisfy me, especially for $10.

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Numenera Character Options
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