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D6xD6 RPG Core Book $4.99
Publisher: Lester Smith Games
by Billy W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/03/2015 18:15:32

In terms of my experience with rpg systems, I felt this system was beautifully simple. No erroneous elements, or features that felt like they were added last minute, and by means of a crowbar. There are few systems, in my opinion, that started out with such a strong, pure and simple core book, yet seem open and comprehensive enough to span as many genres as this one so elegantly does.

My reasoning is as follows: Recently, I've introduced a small group to the pen and paper rpg world (4-7 players in size); before then, they were all console or board game enthusiasts, and somehow had completely missed out! As I was the only one with any knowledge on the subject matter, I was voted to be GM. Knowing that they haven't had exposure to ANY rpg system, I decided to learn a new and simpler one to start them off (simpler to learn, not necessarily simpler to play). As we found out, character gen is fast, the rules are intuitive, and the system was perfect for us.

My only concern is that GM's may find it tedious generating beast/monster cards for every possible creature they could meet. A handy addition may be a selection of cards in a similar format as the pc's cards, for beasts and monsters, so (along with a selection of setting and rough plot) players could jump straight in to a fairly 'seat of your pants' style, improv' session.

Cheers, -Billy

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D6xD6 RPG Core Book
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