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MonsterMore for Dungeonteller Fantasy RPG $2.00
Publisher: Blue Boxer Rebellion
by Alastair M. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/30/2015 05:54:28

Everyone always wants more monsters for their RPGs, making this a welcome addition to the suite of Dungeonteller products by Blue Boxer Rebellion, presented in the company's usual, colourful, lively, beautifully-illustrated style. Maybe more than thirteen new creatures would have been better - there are at least as many again which feature in Blue Boxer's "Big Hexyland" world without description, which have still to be presented in Dungeonteller format, for example, aside from those monsters which appeared in the early drafts of the rules and monster books which didn't survive to the published versions. However, lines must be drawn somewhere, and a baker's dozen is perhaps as good a quantity as any.

The monster descriptions follow the format of the "Dungeonteller Monster Book", with similar quality, interest and quirkiness in their forms and habits apparent here too. Devils are ranked by the number of their head-horns, for instance, and start off as something a little unusual, maybe even orcward... Kobolds too are closer to their European folklorish originals than monsters of comparable name found elsewhere, as dwarfish "knockers", heard in deep mines rather than being seen, very often, and potentially problem-causing in such places. My favourite though was the Nimblewing, a large, intelligent bat which crafts magical objects, quite a contrast to the villainous role giant bats are often called to fill in RPGs.

No counters are yet available for these monsters unfortunately, yet an extra page or two with some could surely have been included here, perhaps also with markers for the three new Dungeonteller character types that have appeared since the rules were published, the Pixie, Witch and Ranger. Indeed, this might have made into a fuller game-supplement by including the character sheets for these three as well (available separately as free PDF downloads already). The fourth page of the Ranger's character sheet includes three additional creatures not yet available elsewhere certainly - the wildcat, mastiff and pack pony. On this basis, I've marked MonsterMore down a little, as not quite "More" enough for me.

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