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100 Library Books $1.00
Publisher: Lee's Lists
by Tiger S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 08/12/2017 18:25:32

These titles have absolutely NO fantasy-aspect to them whatsoever! I could have come up with a better list by simply going to any real library and browsing their catalog. If you need a list of titles that includes ones by Tolstoy, Whitman, Stoker, Shelley, Bronte, Twain, Joyce, Thoreau, and the like, then you should go to your local library's online catalog and start browsing and start writing down titles... or... if you are extremely lazy, then I guess you can waste your money on this list. Ridiculous! I was hoping for something like, "Tracking Worms in Abandoned Mines" or "Mastering the Crossbow" or "The Art of Identifying Powdered Poisons" (there, everyone who has wasted a meager buck on this list now can have at least three worthwhile titles to find in an adventure).

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100 Library Books
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