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DDAL05-12 Bad Business in Parnast (5e) $2.99 $2.39
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by James S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 05/19/2017 01:50:36

Here a a good adventure that requires players to use something other than their weapons, which is a good thing. I do like the blurb on use of magic to influence others.

Part 1: Very good introduction without giving away who is to blame. Like the Romeo and Juliet like story with Elspeth and William. I did have a group where one player wanted to be a thief and break into a NPC's home for info during the first night. This caused the adventure to run way long and 5 players watching one try to be a solo hero. Maybe as a DM, stress sneaking around at night is not a smart idea.

Part 2: This part of the adventures makes the party think. The timely occurances enhance the adventure. All of them provide challenges on what to do, where to go and who to watch. This is also where the bulk of the adventure takes place. I know that the party is taught never to split up, but this is a good opportunity to do so. Also like that the adventure allows the player to pick sides, Gundalin, Raggnar or both.

Part 3: Good combat encounter. Being the only true combat encounter, this should be challenging which it is. Allowing the players to sneak up on camp can dramatically change this fight, good for those who play smart. The conclusion of the adventure where you report either to Gundalin or Raggnar was not to my liking. Wished that these were more a suggestion rather than this is how it is. How Raggnar is dealt with does not follow future T1 SKT adventures.

Good adventure that can run long depending on Part 2. Magic item makes this a popular adventure. No major problems just a couple suggestions.

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DDAL05-12 Bad Business in Parnast (5e)
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