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Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG $5.99
Publisher: Hero Forge Games
by Lauren R. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 01/27/2017 13:17:45

This is perfect. My 7 year old son watches our DnD games in fascination, but hasn't been able to join because his reading and writing isn't great (the math, which seems to hold most kids back, is no problem). We've struggled to find a similar game he could play. Most of the games made for kids seem to be very limiting and boardgame-like. Hero Kids lets you do whatever you want, or whatever the DM will allow, just like in DnD.

My husband and son are playing a pair of brothers in the game I'm DMing. The older brother (my husband) is always putting the younger one (my son) down, telling him to hang back because he's squishy or not strong enough, and although the younger brother takes offense, it's clear the older one is just being protective. They bicker over who's going to hit things first, they get fed up and go different directions, leading to separate encounters and the occasional cry for help that may or may not be answered, they use dead giant rats as bludgeoning weapons... and as the DM, I can allow all this and decide what rules apply, just like I would in DnD.

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Hero Kids - Fantasy RPG
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