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D6xD6 RPG Expanded Edition $9.99
Publisher: Lester Smith Games
by Jason W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/06/2017 23:50:29

So I've been out of RPGs for a while and recently found a new group for D&D. I started getting ideas for a sci-fi campaign but didn't want a RPG with a preconcieved setting so I started looking for simple generic/universal systems, as we have some new gamers who were struggling with the table and manual diving required for 5e.

I grabbed a hold of D6xD6 and never looked back. There's only one stat and a damn simple dice mechanic for everything. Combat rolling is quick. Where initiative, hitting, and damage are usually three different rolls, in the D6xD6 system one roll handles everything! The expanded edition comes with a whole bunch of settings to run, or in my case, pilfer for other ideas. And if you need something extra, the rules are extremely flexible and hackable.

If there is one part that could be improved, it might be the experience system. I'm only at the beggining of the campaign I'm running, but it seems you can only go so far. To be fair, the system was originally intended for one-shot scenarios as per the author's description. This is a game for character tomfoolery and creating a story. NOT endless chart searching.

The simplicity of the system has been described on as a "haiku" of a game. I disagree. It's a punk song. Simple, fast, furious and rockin' as hell!

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D6xD6 RPG Expanded Edition
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