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The Sprawl // MIDNIGHT
Publisher: Ardens Ludere
by Skip O. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 07/18/2017 18:38:24

I really, really wanted to like The Sprawl. I love the PbtA ruleset and I love cyberpunk. Ultimately, two things killed this RPG for me. First off, both myself and my players hated how for every single mission, the players have to roll and decide if the employer will double-cross them or not. I’d rather just decide that as the GM. It ended up creating some awkward and unwieldy situations. Still, that could be taken out or tweaked.

The biggest thing I hated about The Sprawl, and the reason I quit running the campaign, was because of the clocks in the game. The mission clock was a bit awkward, but the biggest problem I had were the corporate clocks. They felt ham-fisted and forced. I figured if I was going to run an RPG I would have to tweak in order to feel right, I’d rather just run an RPG that works right from the start. That’s what I pay money for, after all – to buy an RPG and not have to create my own.

I do appreciate the effort to make a cyberpunk PbtA ruleset, but I didn’t end up liking The Sprawl.

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The Sprawl // MIDNIGHT
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