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Altais: Age of Ruin $24.99
Publisher: Parhelia Games
by RONALD P. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 02/04/2018 14:04:32

Altais is a great RPG. The setting is balanced and well imagined. Artwork and production values are top notch. The setting is medium in magic. Its a fantasy/sci-fi world, similar in background to Tekumel in that humans colonized thousands of years in the past and have now forgotten their origins. Now an ancient evil is returning to the world of Altais, and the players adventure against them, or not, they could just adventure. Lots of original creatures. You can dungeon crawl easily. All in all, Altais is a complete game. I recommend it to anyone, and to anyone just getting into RPG's and GMing, it provides a decent system and excellent notes on running adventures.

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Altais: Age of Ruin
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