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Career Book 2
Publisher: Spica Publishing
by Rudolf S. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 09/03/2009 05:08:54

Another excellent supplement from Spica Publishing, and this time it is even more than just a collection of (14 !) very interesting and useful careers. Just browsing the careers gave me a couple of new ideas for Traveller campaigns - ever had your player charac- ters start a campaign as (probably escaped or escaping) slaves ?

And I especially like the two alternatives for the background skills, the (pre-) career op- tions for University and Graduate School and the two new "psycho skills", Manipulation and Psychohistory, perfect for any (preferably evil ...) mastermind characters in a set- ting's dark corners.

Finally, the many very good illustrations add a nice touch and help to spark the imagina- tion.

Since I really cannot imagine a Traveller campaign that could not be expanded or impro- ved with some or all of the material in this supplement, in my view it deserves all five stars.

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Career Book 2
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