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Shadowrun: Anarchy
by Mr J.
Publisher: Catalyst Game Labs
Date Added: 09/18/2018 04:52:14
Shadowrun: Anarchy Compact rules light version of Shadowrun rules that run very quickly. All special abilities are channeled through a universal Shadow Amp system that seems like a good idea. We made characters in under an hour and played during our first session. Problems with the game 1) Could be organized better, you can flip all over to find all the rules for a particular subject that really could have been consolidated. 2) Mistakes, some pregens and amp designs violate the rule. 3) Drones and spirits are overpowered as written 4) This doesn't really need to be a round robin narrative game, it works great as a traditional GM run game. Not sure the Cues and Tags really have much use either way. 5) Most importantly, if you're interested in GMing this game, you have to know how Shadowrun is supposed to work already. There are whole subject areas that are just not explained in the rules aside from a quick mentions (Notably astral space, most of the Matrix, good luck if you don't know ho...

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Giant Exploding Robots
by Felicius N.
Publisher: Tanner C
Date Added: 09/18/2018 02:32:35
Giant Exploding Robots A really compact and fun game, which work really good both with beginner or veteran players as it encourage some mix of awesome actions and fun stereotypes. It even includes some simple progression system which allows your starting Giant Robot to be repaired, customized or improved. Also a great game for GM beginners who want something simple enough to concentrate more on the narration and less on the system I strongly advice to encourage players to interpret some "blurry" modules (for example "Extra Power Core", "Irregular Movement Suite" or "Electronic Warfare Array") as a good joker: a bit more difficult to figure how to use it compared to a simple gun, but allowing more creative options. A last strong point: it's pretty uncommon to have a RPG which allows you to play some really young, old or disabled character with nearly no disadvantage in game. In my opinion, the only minor drawback is that this game is not easily "hackable" to adapt it to another type of universe. Tho...

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Arcanis 5E - Children of the Sky
by Eddie S.
Publisher: Paradigm Concepts, Inc.
Date Added: 09/17/2018 19:22:45
Arcanis 5E - Children of the Sky Another ball knocked out of the park. A fantasitc sourcebook concerning the reclusive Kio and their mysterious influence to the world of Onara (as well as their impact on the societies, such as Val). This book goes further indepth into the political and social aspects of Kio and Val'sungah as well as just how potent the Pure blood Kio line is. To say more is to spoil too much. It is an additional must have/read. Like their other previous books, it is chock full of great information and lore. Seeing how this book was laid out makes me VERY excited towards their Ssethregore book when they complete it....

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Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: Faces of Braxia
by Mike C.
Publisher: Kev's Lounge
Date Added: 09/17/2018 17:24:41
Kev's Lounge Paper Minis: Faces of Braxia These are four interesting characters and some stacked goblins. ### Scale I've been disappointed by a lot of paper minis because they are too small when you put them on the table next to plastic 3D minis. Some players want to bring their own, so I tend to prefer paper for the NPCs. From bottom of foot to top of head, the blue knight is 34mm tall, white wizard is 32mm, green wizard is 33mm, and the bruiser with the axe is a towering 40mm tall. The bases will add 4mm, maybe 5. Reaper and Heroforge minis are around 38mm on a base, so these stack up. ### Art You can judge for yourself with the preview but I think they're beautiful and detailed and in good poses. The colors are great. I wish the name of the figure on the base were easier to read. ### Instructions and assembly Printing and assembling these is slightly different than others, but it's all good. I think I would prefer the fold at the bottom to protect against peeling in multiple removals from the base, but I ...

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Esper Genesis 5E Sci-fi - Core Manual
by Jeffrey F.
Publisher: Alligator Alley Entertainment
Date Added: 09/17/2018 16:30:25
Esper Genesis 5E Sci-fi -  Core Manual Esper Genesis is an excellent full of great story potential set in an interesting universe. The Species are varied an interesting and it uses the 5e D&D ruleset excellently. It is fun, fast, and easy to play. The art is brilliant as well. Great game.

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Critical Hits: False Valor (5E)
by Tyler M.
Publisher: Total Party Kill Games
Date Added: 09/17/2018 11:11:03
Critical Hits: False Valor (5E) this adventure path is extremely solid. It is fantastic for new players to the game and even to veterans. The story line is entertaining and the npc's are even more intriguing. I suggest every Dm to come and give it a shot. It also has great replayability and i would play it again with another group given the opportunity. Have fun gamers!!!!

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Dungeon Crawl Classics #30: Vault of the Dragon Kings
by Megan R. [Featured Reviewer]
Publisher: Goodman Games
Date Added: 09/17/2018 08:51:19
Dungeon Crawl Classics #30: Vault of the Dragon Kings This was originally written as a tournament module for Gen Con Indy 2005, and so comes complete with scoring information and pre-generated characters... so it's ideal if you are looking for a one-off adventure or happen to need an adventure to run at a games convention. Or, of course, you can run it with an existing party as part of your ongoing campaign... however the results from when it was played at Gen Con make grim reading in terms of survival rates! The adventure itself concerns an upstart dragon called Myrkjartan who has raided the ancient and long-undisturbed Vault of the Dragon Kings in a bid to establish the rule of dragonkind (or at least, himself) over all sentient beings. There's plenty of background material to get your teeth into, covering the original Dragon Kings and the vault they built when they realised that their days were numbered, and how their passing gave rise to the multiplicity of dragon types found in the world today... and how Myrkjartan is not quite th...

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Operators RPG
by Eric B.
Publisher: Samjoko Publishing
Date Added: 09/17/2018 08:15:06
Operators RPG OK -- good and bad. 1. I love the game. The mechanics are simple, the tone and visuals set the mood for the game, the character creation system is quick & allows for unique characters. The mechanics in particular are great -- just roll 4 Fate dice. You have to get more +'s than your rating in the action (1-3, 3 is a poor skill). Extra plusses give success with style, - on the roll give consequences. Cards support narrative storytelling by the players. It isn't a FATE rules system, it just uses FATE dice. 2. The poor -- this really pisses me off. I spent $15 to get a complete game...but it is not a complete game. In order to use the rules, I'll have to purchase the cards separately. That is VERY not cool...

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Terror Tales - X!
by Brian C.
Publisher: Beyond Belief Games
Date Added: 09/17/2018 06:48:54
Terror Tales - X! "Terror Tales - X!" Just found this wonderful, tight little OSR 'macabre adventures' rpg on DriveThru for only $4.00! Gets the job done at 21 pages. It's everything you need and nothing you don't need. Retro-pulp-thrills-and-chills! This is like all those spooky comics from the 1960s, rubber monster masks of the 70s, and endless Saturday afternoons watching creature features all in a tidy tabletop OSR rpg package. I'm in heaven!

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Mythras Imperative
by Brendan O.
Publisher: Design Mechanism
Date Added: 09/16/2018 23:29:16
Mythras Imperative I have yet to actually run a game with the rules, but this quickstart did a phenomenal job of explaining the system in a quick, digestible fashion. I read the whole thing over several days on my phone while waiting in line, eating lunch, waiting for the elevator, etc. Even though I read Mythras Imperative in such a casual manner, I feel completely confident in my ability to run a game using the rules. Furthermore, this quickstart has convinced me to shell out for the complete Mythras core rules. I highly recommend Mythras Imperative if you are undecided on the system. It's free and explains the system with excellent clarity and reasonable brevity. ...

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EZ Space
by Ralph C.
Publisher: Tri Tac Games LLC
Date Added: 09/16/2018 22:53:25
EZ Space EZ Space could use more than a bit of editing. There are misused words and spots where the layout is rather sloppy. Reminds me of the old days of RPG's, before word processors. It presents some elements of a setting, but not nearly enough to run a campaign without considerable work on the part of the GM. Also, it doesn't have much of an old 50's science fiction story or movie feel to it. The technology often seems more Star Trek The Next Generation in a retro box than Forbidden Planet or Destination Moon. The setting does have Nazis and Communists for the players to butt heads with, just as vile as they always were and now with saucers and spaceships. The few included adventure seeds are quite usable. One's more horror than space exploration, but it's good horror though incredibly gross. There is a simple RPG system included at the end of the book. It's a percentage system, usable but nothing special. Probably would have been better to include more setting info. Warning...

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Critical Hits: False Valor (5E)
by Kris Y.
Publisher: Total Party Kill Games
Date Added: 09/16/2018 19:42:51
Critical Hits: False Valor (5E) An intrigueing mystery plot. Good for both a one shot or as a mini plot in a larger campaign. Had interesting characters and not just your typical village npcs. They werent flat npcs and thats always nice. Plus having random history information from some npcs just made the village more grounded. Had a good story hook and interesting plot developments based on how your party reacts to situations. And the battles were satisfying. Overall a pretty good time to be had.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
The Stuff of Nightmares (Level 18 PCs)
by Eric R.
Publisher: Dan Coleman Productions
Date Added: 09/16/2018 14:57:30
The Stuff of Nightmares (Level 18 PCs) This one is nice. Loved the lore and style, fits perfectly for 18 lvl players.

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Knights & Legends The Lost Relics of Ezora
by Tony L.
Publisher: Knights & Legends Tabletop RPG
Date Added: 09/16/2018 14:45:50
Knights & Legends The Lost Relics of Ezora The campaign books were a valuable asset to K&L, lost relics is a must have if you own the core book and shadow lords. It's a whole new perspective of the world leaving me eager to build my own campaigns. I've split the book in about 4 different sessions approx. 2~3hrs each with some of my own content included. There's some really fierce battles though and I'd recommend a party of 3+ for this campaign. Thanks and hopefully there are more campaigns on the way!

[5 of 5 Stars!]
Fear's Sharp Little Needles
by Mattias G.
Publisher: Stygian Fox
Date Added: 09/16/2018 13:53:58
Fear's Sharp Little Needles **High quality production but rather short and not particularly frightening scenarios** The artwork/ design/ lay-out is very good. My problem is the content. Of the 26 modern day scenarios, the only one that is scary would be "Bone Deep" (in which a serial killer makes off with the victims' bodies, onto whose bones esoteric secrets are etched). The other 25 scenarios suffer from a "curse of Cthulhu"; you're already acquainted to the concisive Mythos cosmology so no cryptic mysteries remains to be sprung upon the PC:s. This exhaustive canon inevitably tilts the board towards pulp rather than horror; you'll end up with too many iterations of medical experiments conducted upon shoggoths and deep one hybrids in military labs. Which calls for a boring SWAT team mission to wipe out an al too familiar foe rather than investigative horror against an Unknown assailant. Sure, it may well be exciting, but certainly not frightening, and the intellectual level drops from psychological suspense ...

[3 of 5 Stars!]
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